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To help you discover your True Identity and unlock your Full Potential by removing limiting beliefs that are blocking you.
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A Little bit About Ken Cardita

I was born and raised in The Bronx, New York. I worked in the High-Tech Industry for 35 years. I retired in 2016 to be my wife’s full-time caregiver until 2021.During that time that I was introduced to Faith Based Life Coaching and its concepts.

What I learned and practiced from my mentors enabled me to deal with depression, grief and ambiguous loss.  I was able to survive and eventually thrive emotionally and spiritually while caring for my wife through the recent pandemic. It also continues to sustain me through our remaining journey together.

In 2022 I became a Certified Faith Based Life Coach so that I can help others. My experience in caring for a loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease along with my engineering background has enabled me to develop a unique perspective on adversity. Combining the science of the mind, the inner workings of the heart and soul, along with faith in God, I have come to experience joy while going through my life’s greatest challenges.  

I am also the host and creator of "The Surviving Alzheimer's Podcast"


  • ·       Bachelors of Electrical Engineering from Manhattan College  

  • ·       Certified Faith Based Life Coach through Faith-Based Life Coaching Academy (FLCA)

  • ·      Started "The Surviving Alzheimer's Podcast" on August 9th 2022

  • ·       Various Technical and Leadership roles in my 26 years at Intel Corp.

  • ·      Married for 43+ years, Father of 5 and Papa to 12 Grandchildren 

  • ·      Lifelong guitar player/musician and member of various Classic Rock bands

  • ·      I am known to regularly play Ice Hockey with people that are half my age and older

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Ken's Life Story as told on the Nobody Knows Your Story Podcast
 In August of 2022 I was a guest on the Nobody Knows Your Story Podcast.  Host Larry Camp asked questions about my early life as well as how Alheimer's became a big part of my life. I discussed why I started the Surviving Alzheimer's Podcast and why I became a Faith Based Life Coach.  

If you really want to get some insight to who I am listen to this podcast.

NOTE: Hawaii and Hawaiian music is a big part of the Hosts life story. So enjoy the music that I picked at the beginning and middle of the podcast.